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Brain Puddin
March 31, 2009, 6:51 pm
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2 things.

I find my self describing some of my friends as “sexually straight, politically Queer”, but I have never thought to describe any of the faggots that I know as “sexually gay, politically straight”. Maybe this is something that will catch on soon.

When someone “he”s a “she” or “she”s a “he”, it is a HUGE deal that requires many apologies. But I have never had such a dramatic response when I get the wrong pronoun. The most I get is a “whoops”. Interesting.


Odds and Ends
March 31, 2009, 6:33 pm
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harold-1930I pass by this wall almost everyday and it always makes me feel really good about the world, for somereason. Something is comforting to know that this name can remain on a wall for 80 years. I forgot to take a picture of the alley that it’s in, but its really nice and grassy and one of my favorite places to lay down. I should do that more often.

I really like this video. I think its the music. Well, and the tofu.

Last night I felt like total shit so I went walking and this guy named Rick rode past me on his bike and stopped and started walking with me. It was nice. He dropped his bag containing multiple jars of olives and it was really sad. We went to this house where he may or may not have known the people living there and when I came up they all went inside. He said that they probably thought I was a cop, which I think is strange. I am the least intimidating person ever… except maybe for when I am decked out in glitter. We eventually ran into this guy and Rick said “watch this” and got into a fight with the dude and I had no idea what to do, so I just left. It kind of felt like he was trying to impress me? Anyway, I like Rick a lot. I need to start hanging out in that neighborhood more.

Savage Love
March 30, 2009, 12:42 am
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So I really, really hate Dan Savage. For a lot of reasons. His advice for female bodied and Trans folks is something really off and his use of “retarted” to mean stupid is clearly awful. But today he went on this rant on HIV infection and it made me love him a whole lot. You can find it here.

Basically, he is talking about how back in the day, someone got HIV and no one couldĀ  really be like “you really fucked up”, beacuse they were just going to die. But now a days, you get HIV and live for a long time, but people are still in that same frame of thought of “well, their life is ruined anyway… I don’t want to stack shit on top of that”, but I think thats really fucked up. People need to be fucking accountable for their fucking actions and if you go around fucking bareback, which apparently everyone still does, then getting HIV isn’t a pass for being excused for your actions.

I still hate Dan Savage a lot, but today was a good day to listen.

Gender Nutrality?
March 29, 2009, 11:01 pm
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I am not really sure where I want this to go, but I hope that it ends up somewhere.

I have recently been thinking a whole lot about gender neutral pronouns, how the apply to me, how they apply to others and society, etc. For a long part of my life, I have gone back and fourth between the choice to use gender neutral pronouns or feminine pronouns, for myself.

I still don’t really know which i enjoy more out of the two, or which i feel is more effective for… what ever statment I am trying to make with my life. People have this notion of what a “her” is supposed to look like and act, but they have no idea what an “it” or a (insert gender neutral pronoun here) is supposed to look like, or act or whatever. So by being “her”ed, it is tearing down that pre-conceived idea of what a “her” is supposed to be. But by being “it”ed (or whatever gender neutral pronoun you want to use), that isn’t being accomplished.

But then thinking this, I feel like I am making the argument that I hate hate hate, which is, “gender is entirely constructed by society”, which I don’t think is true. Obviously I will be the first one to say that society has turned gender into this bed of pain, sorrow, discomfort and death, but clearly you can only make those decisions about gender for your self, if society gives you a chance, which it does not do.I would also be the first one to say that I don’t think Gender and/or pronouns are necessary, at all. I guess maybe this is a contradiction to the first thing i said, but it makes sence to me.

I guess one of my big problems with gender neutral pronouns is that people treat them like an “inbetween” gender (between male and female), instead being void of all gender at all?

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the pronoun “it”, I just have always had these doubts about it that i don’t know how to sort out for myself.

So I really don’t know. This is when it would be amazing to have folks IRL (in real life) to bounce these ideas off in real time. This isn’t finished, but I don’t really know where to go now so i will just put it on pause.

March 29, 2009, 6:31 pm
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The “m4m” LTR and Casual Encounter sections of craigslist in my town feel like some sort of really fucked up family and I love it. People are so boring and ALWAYS use the same pictures, which sometimes makes checking Craigslist dozens of times a day somewhat mundane.

I don’t really check Craigslist for sex, but mostly for something to do. I really enjoy seeing posts by folks that i recognize from somewhere else on the internet and going through and cross referencing other websites. I clearly spend too much time on the internet, but thats fine.

I love love love it when i post on craigslist and people recognize me and ask me about it later, though. People always seem unconfortable when they ask about it and that just tickles me.

Tulip Baroo
March 29, 2009, 5:40 pm
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I am the absolute worst at social networking in person. I generally don’t make any effort to remember anyone’s names when I ask, I just do it because I feel like i have to. I have had this conversation far too many times as of late.

“Oh hay! We have met before!”

“Have we? Which party was it at? Was I really drunk?”

“No… it was on the steps of the capitol…” or “No… it was at that one fundraiser/action/event”

“Oh… well hi!”

I see so many people in my day, I don’t understand how I am supposed to remember ANYONE, but apparently its possible.

It seems that every other fucking weekend someone in this town is having a mustache party, which I just don’t get. I went anyway, after creating this wonderful glitter mustache that matched my tights and didn’t enjoy my self much. It was the same ole boring, straight hipster crowd that rules this town. I was also having some sort of terrible stomach/gas issues and felt like I was going to either throw-up or shit the whole time. I didn’t do either, so I guess that’s always a good way to end the night.

I need to stop eating at the Waffle House. I am so sick of the after waffle house feeling. I have come to realize that I don’t enjoy much about the Waffle House, but I just continue to go because that’s where I (literally) spent most of my life, between the ages of… what ages you are between 10th and 12th, grades. I used to just sit there for hours, drinking coffee and starring out the window at nothing. None of the folks working there ever asked me about why I always did that, which is another thing I always enjoyed. I kind of miss those times. Now I get bored pretty easily there and I can’t really eat anything anymore.

March 28, 2009, 4:55 pm
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Faggot is such an interesting word.

For me, Faggot is how I identify and I find it very empowering, but it is also an insult that I use very, very frequently. I love the wide of ranges of meaning that the word carries with it, depending on who you are talking to. It’s amazing how offended faggots get, when you actually identify as a Faggot, it’s something that I feel like many of them will never understand.

For me, though, Faggot still that has that male-ness about it, which I am not all about. As I hear more and more female identified and/or bodied folks identifing with Faggot, I think that is slowly going away. But for so long it was ingraned into me that Faggots were slack-jawed-cock-suckers (which is another term i just love) and its hard to just shake all of that off. I think thats why for so long I felt like a Faggot, but I never really identified with it, because it just felt so male. Thats changing, though, which I think is a good thing.