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Ideas for a Dirtier South.
March 24, 2009, 10:23 pm
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I have been thinking… no, obsessing over these ideas for future Trans and/or Sex Worker resources for months and months now. Nothing would be more healthy for me then to actually get some people together who were as passionate about seeing this shit happen as I am. I really should work on this. I know that northern folks/groups have done these things, but I have never heard of them being done in the south. Maybe in Texas? Probably Texas, its real big.

It would be amazing if a database could be built that listed all of the homes across the state that young folks & kids (I use the term “kid” very loosley here. I am a kid, anyone under 30 is a kid in my eyes.) are welcome to temporarly stay in if they get kicked out by their Trans/Queerphobic parents. It would look something like couchsurfing, but specifically for Trans and Queer folks. I feel like some sort of questionnaire should be filled out by folks offering up their house, then a database could be built that had info like what kind of space they are offering, how many other people live there, etc.

We need to offer a class/workshop for Trans and/or Sex Worker and/or Queer folks, on self defense. Funds could be raised to offer pepper spray for the partcipants to take with them and we could also offer free bus passes for folks to get to and from the event for free. The event would have to happen in a space that was relitively safe and where folks did not have to worry about (police) harassment. Someone would also need to be found who now only knew about general self defence, but specifically self defence as it applies to sex workers. I.e. how to defened yourself in someone elses house, an alley, hotel room, etc.


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you should bring this idea to the convergence. and also go to IDA for camp trans. its in tenn.

Comment by leila

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