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Gender Nutrality?
March 29, 2009, 11:01 pm
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I am not really sure where I want this to go, but I hope that it ends up somewhere.

I have recently been thinking a whole lot about gender neutral pronouns, how the apply to me, how they apply to others and society, etc. For a long part of my life, I have gone back and fourth between the choice to use gender neutral pronouns or feminine pronouns, for myself.

I still don’t really know which i enjoy more out of the two, or which i feel is more effective for… what ever statment I am trying to make with my life. People have this notion of what a “her” is supposed to look like and act, but they have no idea what an “it” or a (insert gender neutral pronoun here) is supposed to look like, or act or whatever. So by being “her”ed, it is tearing down that pre-conceived idea of what a “her” is supposed to be. But by being “it”ed (or whatever gender neutral pronoun you want to use), that isn’t being accomplished.

But then thinking this, I feel like I am making the argument that I hate hate hate, which is, “gender is entirely constructed by society”, which I don’t think is true. Obviously I will be the first one to say that society has turned gender into this bed of pain, sorrow, discomfort and death, but clearly you can only make those decisions about gender for your self, if society gives you a chance, which it does not do.I would also be the first one to say that I don’t think Gender and/or pronouns are necessary, at all. I guess maybe this is a contradiction to the first thing i said, but it makes sence to me.

I guess one of my big problems with gender neutral pronouns is that people treat them like an “inbetween” gender (between male and female), instead being void of all gender at all?

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the pronoun “it”, I just have always had these doubts about it that i don’t know how to sort out for myself.

So I really don’t know. This is when it would be amazing to have folks IRL (in real life) to bounce these ideas off in real time. This isn’t finished, but I don’t really know where to go now so i will just put it on pause.


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the rhetoric created by society is inescapable. to say society doesn’t entirely construct the idea seems wrong to me. the only way to create gender is by using rhetoric, and the only way to express anything on any level requires rhetoric, and rhetoric is always created by / propagated by society. that is, you can’t create a personal idea ‘he’ or ‘she,’ because you will either be creating it like this: “she / he is this, because that is what society tells me [via subconscious]” or this: “fuck what society says, i will make my own decisions.” the second one is still affected by society on a conscious [via rebellion] and unconscious level [via ‘traditions’ or ‘blue / pink blankets’ or mcdonalds happy meals (via barbie vs cars), etc]

society in some form or another is at all times inescapable [via conscious, subconscious, etc]

expressing gender or lack of gender or antigender requires rhetoric, which requires preconceived notions [via society, via your preconceived notions based on / reacting to society]

okay, sorry

i like your blog

Comment by michael

oh, damn: “but clearly you can only make those decisions about gender for your self, if society gives you a chance, which it does not do.”

i think i overlooked that. sorry

Comment by michael

Glad you saw that! Also, hi there! I hope you stay around for a bit!



Comment by thissouthernfaggot

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