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Savage Love
March 30, 2009, 12:42 am
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So I really, really hate Dan Savage. For a lot of reasons. His advice for female bodied and Trans folks is something really off and his use of “retarted” to mean stupid is clearly awful. But today he went on this rant on HIV infection and it made me love him a whole lot. You can find it here.

Basically, he is talking about how back in the day, someone got HIV and no one could  really be like “you really fucked up”, beacuse they were just going to die. But now a days, you get HIV and live for a long time, but people are still in that same frame of thought of “well, their life is ruined anyway… I don’t want to stack shit on top of that”, but I think thats really fucked up. People need to be fucking accountable for their fucking actions and if you go around fucking bareback, which apparently everyone still does, then getting HIV isn’t a pass for being excused for your actions.

I still hate Dan Savage a lot, but today was a good day to listen.


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