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April 3, 2009, 10:56 pm
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I started this post a week ago, but I haven’t really decided on what I wanted I wanted to say, or even what I was thinking. But maybe I can finish it now.

I find myself being (seemingly, at least) completely sexually satisfied by jerking off with people via webcam. Since I started doing this recently (and by recently, I mean at least once a night), I don’t really feel any reason to put any effort into turning tricks (which is a problem), or perusing craigslist for hook-ups (which is probably a good thing). I think that a part of me loves it, because it is a really good self-confidence booster. Lots of folks come through and if they like what they see, they will say so, but almost no one will say anything negitive, which is kind of really cool.

I find myself reacting the exact same way to a compliment from someone on cam, as I would someone IRL (In Real Life), which makes me think that I view caming as much more real (whatever that means) than most folks. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that for me, caming to get off just makes a lot of sence. I mean, its really easy to find people, no matter what time it is, no worries of STI’s or buggies and you’re the one who’s workin it, so its always good.

Now, i’m a big ole cuddle queen, so oubviousally this can’t be satisfied via the internet. This is kind of a problem, because it makes me not fantize about sex, but mostly leads to me longing for cuddling and not really for sex. But I have kind of always been like this, hm.

On a very similar note, if you don’t already know about Cam4, you should probably check it out. And if anyone wants to buy me a “gold account”, that would be really cool too.

This didn’t end like I wanted it to, maybe I will edit it later.

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