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Barebacking, glitter and dildos. Oh my.

What the hell. This dude came over last night and he was completly shit faced, but someone managed to make it to my house, after driving 30 minutes. Anyway, so we are fooling around and once again, I have found ANOTHER person who is all about barebacking strangers. I had to tell him like 8 times that he could not fuck me without a condom. Ugh. I just don’t get it. Maybe people are right, maybe AIDS is a faggot disease.

But other than that, I enjoyed my night very much. Of course right when this dude came over, I got a text from someone else who I never get to see and they wanted to cuddle. Just my luck. I thought about kicking him out after we were done to go cuddle, but I didn’t.

Also, this dude clearly has sleep apnea, but I’m not sure if he knows? Is that something that you can have and not know? It was kind of nice though, to have a 30 break of snoring once in a while.

img_03731I have never been a fan of covering up hickeys. Clearly this works much better. (this picture is upside down. Sorry about that)

Also, I have no idea where the hell I got all these dildos from.

img_03681I don’t even really like any of them. The top one isn’t made for poop chutes and is awkward, the next one is okay, the two after that came in this set of 3. The one not pictured is pink and about 2″ long. It’s adorable. The one after those 2 is Jeremy’s and it just doesn’t fit in any holes that I have. This one is kind of a personal goal of mine. The next one is pretty good and vibrates, which is exciting. The texture is pretty awful and I didn’t like it for a long time, but recently I experienced the “prostate milking” that you hear about so often and it was very neat and kind of confusing. The last one is the Eros and it was way too much money and I don’t really like it 😦

Maybe I only like anal penetration in theory and not in practice? I am starting to believe this is true.


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