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For most of my life, I have found my self identifying with the punk scene here. In this town, we have produced a lot of famous/amazing Punksters and growing up their was always a house show at one of the Punk houses and I took that for granted until recently. Apparently in other parts of amerika, even in the south, house shows aren’t something that frequently happen and that is a very foreign thought to me.

As of recently though, I have been having more and more problems with the Punk/house show scene here, specifically with the raging Trans/Queerphobia. I am still collecting my thoughts on this, but it is defiantly something that I always pictured this scene being against and looking to destroy.

In the April issue of Maximum Rock and Roll, appeared the article “Stop Making Me Crazy: Tips for Straight Punx”.

I constantly feel my self being let down by this Punk “community” that is supposed to be there for all the Freaks, Outcasts, Loosers, whatever, but it is horribly failing. Maybe I just have this really optimistic idea of what the “punk scene” is. But, that has always been my understand of it, is that it is supposed to be a place where Freaks and Outcasts can go, talk about Anarchy and fucking the government. But the more I go to house shows, I realize that this isn’t the case. Maybe the “Punk Scene” has radically changed since when I was a kid, or maybe I was just more naive. Maybe (probably) both are true.

I find my self constantly longing for something or some group to call my “community”. Right now, I don’t have that and I seem to be constantly reminded of that. I always hear faggots talking about the “gay community” and I can’t help but to wonder what they think that “community” looks like. Clearly I’m not in it. I would not have it any other way, but it would be wonderful to have a group of folks who also felt the same way. I need a group of people who I can talk to about anti-assimilationist actions, or who are not excited about Iowa and their faggot marriage. I would absolultly love to have someone to talk about turning tricks with. Someone who I could share stories with and they also had stories about fun/shitty/whatever nights with tricks.

I hate that for so many people, the answers to these problems/issues seem so simple. No, I don’t want to move to Chicago, or NYC, or San Fransisco. I want to stay in the mother fucking south. It’s what I know. It’s what I love. I wish so many people didn’t leave.


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