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Life’s a drag
April 11, 2009, 5:48 pm
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I have never been able to decide about how I feel about drag. Or mainstream drag, at least (jesus christ, I can’t believe their actually is such a thing). I have seen so much awful, offensive, degrading drag in my life, its hard to shake all of that. I feel like most of my problems comes from the fact that Drag is the ‘art’ of impersonation, however Drag Queens are unlike any woman I have ever met and Drag Kings tend to be abusive, sexist assholes, which is too close to many men i know.

Why can’t drag be about androgyny? Or creating their own genders?

But I do know that for many Trans folk, drag was their first outlet to play around with their gender identity, which I think is really important. I just wish that people felt empowered enough to play around with / fuck with gender outside of gay bars. Sure, its scary, I have to think about dieing everytime I go out in a dress/some cute outfit, I just wish more people could just get out there and do it.

I could probably go the rest of my life without seeing another drag show.

On a few similar notes, one of my biggest pet peeves in the entire world is when people fucking tell me I should perform, or imply that I am a drag queen. No you fucking fag, I’m not a god damned drag queen and I can go out looking fabulous without impersonating anyone.

Also, I am developing this rash over my entire body. Right now it is mostly under my shirt and shorts, but I can see it spreading out down my legs and arms. Um, I hope that stops. Maybe I can just cover my body in glitter. I know that I have enough to do that at least a few days in a row. I would look like a walkind disco ball… how wonderful would that be!

I need to find something that makes me really happy, becides glitter.

Also, turns out the cute person at the bakery is a total bro. Too bad.


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