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My brain feels dead.
April 15, 2009, 3:37 am
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Today felt like an awfully busy day. I didn’t really do that much.

Yesterday i bought some MSG and decided to consume a lot of it and could not sleep that night and just stayed up all night blaming the MSG. It’s so easy to blame MSG for all of my problems, I am glad it is there.

Today I spent time at my favorite park. It is both my favorite daytime park and nighttime park. During the day their are people being happy and ducks being… unhappy. At night, I am usually drinking beer and the ducks are still there, just sleeping.


Goose Goose Goose

photoPossibly the funniest looking ducks live in this park. The park is real close to where I work and they shit everywhere and sometimes walk towards the open doors and no one really seems to care. I love them. It kind of looks like their brains are on the outside.


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These ducks are beautiful — day and night, I love ducks! But wait — throw that MSG away, oh no…

Love —

Comment by mattilda bernstein sycamore

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