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May 13, 2009, 3:22 pm
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Why do I not fear other people in the same way that it seems everyone else does? I am constantly hearing people talking about how you don’t want in certain parts of town, but they can never really say why. I am in ‘those parts of town’ all the time, I see no reason to be afraid of the area or fear the people that live in it. People are constantly telling that they are worried about my safety. I have a friend who starts freaking out if they don’t hear from me for a few days. But why?

Do I have some sort of sub-conscious trust in people? Or maybe some sort of faith that folks aren’t truly as awful as everyone thinks they are.

I suppose that because I was raised ‘to be a boy’, that I didn’t hear every day from my parents to not go out after dark, or walk down strange allies, or give hand jobs to strangers.

But these are pretty much the only things I do anymore.

Maybe people are nice to me, because I am nice to everyone I meet. If i asked someone for money and they were rude to me, I would probably be really mean to them, as well.

In general, the entire idea of “bad neighborhoods” is pretty fucked up, but what a powerful tool it is for the cops/state to use!


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I hear ya! I was walking through the “bad part of town” in Philadelphia and saw more signs of community and engagement there then in the town I grew up in. The unknown can be a powerful fear, and what is unknown too often stays unknown because we’ve been told to fear it …

The more people like you who cross the boundaries of “those parts of town”, the better!

Comment by Brian

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