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Offensive Sex
May 21, 2009, 3:50 pm
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“Sex offenders forced to live under Miami bridge”.

“sex offender” laws are so completely fucked up its mind blowing.

I think that its interesting that the two people they talked to, were “sex offenders” for merely exposing themselves to teenagers. I would like to believe that their would be a public outcry for the reform of “sex offender” laws if people knew that a lot of people had that slapped on them for really, really basic things, but I honestly don’t think their would be. It’s amazing how quickly society has trained people to automatically shut down right when they hear the term “sex offender”.

I was just searched through 100 random records for “sex offenders” in my area and 63 of the people are people of color.

This number is clearly outrageously disproportionate, it is not surprising at all considering how the prison system works. What IS surprising is that the more I thought about this, I realized that out of all those tv shows that I have seen about “sex offenders”, I have never seen a story done on a “Sex offender” of color. I googled “sex offender” in the image search and didn’t find a picture of a person of color until the 5th page.

But that seems like the opposite of how the media would want to portray “sex offenders”. Hm.


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