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I got so sunburned today.
May 24, 2009, 5:32 am
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As of recently, talking to my roomate/kind-of-best-friend about anything has become incredibly frustrating. I don’t really know what to do about it, because I need someone to talk to about all the fucked up shit that happens around here, but he just dosen’t get it. I got kicked out of our local bear bar a few months ago (they never told me why, though its pretty clear) and he is still going. He claims that since he didn’t see whatever happened to incite me getting physically shoved out of the bar, he can’t “take sides”. For some reason he does not understand that seeing whatever happened does not matter, it’s the fact that they fucking shoved me out without telling me why. I am quickly finding it harder and harder to be around him and thats a really big problem.

Lots of the fucked up shit happens by faggot bar owners and his responce is always some form of “well they opened a business to make money, thats what they are there for”. Somehow folks don’t understand that these fucked up faggots are completly, wildly fucking over “their community” and no one god damn questions it. Around here, if you are a faggot bar owner, that automatically means you have some sort of (I wanted to use the word “crout” here, but I am pretty sure thats not the right word at all. What am i thinking of?) and folks refuse to hold them god damned accountable for their classist, racist, transphobic and agist policies. Folks have been so ingraned to not question these fucks that anyone who does question them is automatically “not doing whats right for the community”.

Community is starting to be my new least favorite word.Even more than ho-mo-sex-u-al. But no wonder everyone loves it so much, what a powerful tool to use to exploit and use people!

Side note:

Straight hipsters are the worst. It often feels like they only exist to tease me.


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Comment by Nick

I guess that’s the word I was thinking about… But I think I had a meaning for it in my head that isn’t actually correct?

Comment by thissouthernfaggot

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