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Excuse me, your PRIDE got on my shoe

Last night was pretty awful. I met up with this person who was supposed to just be a one night thing, but that one night didn’t end up with the sex, so now we are friends, who don’t have sex. Pretty lame. But anyway, we went to this pretty awful (straight) bar by my house and I got the “Are you gay? Well don’t hit on me and we are cool) comment a few times from this guy. Why don’t you ever hear that from someone who is actually attractive?

At some point my friend said something like ‘you worry about things too much, you just need to go with it sometimes’ (referring to my thoughts on assimilation, awful faggotry, homelessness, etc). I probably should have hit him.

This guy looks like they are a sweetheart. Maybe its the socks?

I want nothing more than for this picture to not be photoshoped.

Maybe I will go watch the ducks today. That would be good for me, probably.


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