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Life’s a riot
June 30, 2009, 12:12 am
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No honey. The Rainbow Lounge and Stonewall might look like similar incidents on the surface (“simply” gay bars being raided), however from what I can see and read, the folks at The Rainbow Lounge was gay, white men. The folks at Stonewall were People of Color, Trans Folk, Cross Dressers and your occasional gay, male identified person thrown in.

I know that every faggot is going to hear this and make a direct correlation to Stonewall, but I think that is both dangerous and simply not the case. I am sick and tired of faggots trying to appropriate the Stonewall riots for their own uses. Especially when, from what I can tell, most fags, dykes, gays and lesbians are too apathetic to ever fight back.

Also, big burly men in police uniforms entered a gay bar and folks are suprised they got their asses patted and crotches grabbed? Really?

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