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I am so tired.

It is so amazing. I can know someone for weeks, maybe even months. Not very well, but you know, I see them multiple times a week at the video store, or whereever. And I can always count on ONLY being “he”ed or “sir”ed when I am wearing a dress. It’s like people are so terrified of what I represent, that they want to try their best to kill it by reaffirming my gender for themselves.


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You are a reminder that gender is an ephemeral construct and not an objective reality.

That scares the shit out of them because it reminds them that gender is violence.

Even the most stereotypically masculine UGA frat boy who has been thoroughly indoctrinated with a masculinist ideology was once a child who experienced the violence of gender. And it had to either kill half of his humanity or terrorize him so thoroughly that he no longer even thinks to question it. Then you come along and you essentially trigger a PTSD-like reaction in people who are no longer aware that they were traumatized by gender violence in the first place. You remind them of being brutalized to conform and the subsequent terror they felt at the possibility of not measuring up… Gender fascists are nothing if not swift and reliably sadistic in their punishment of any perceived transgression.

Well, the best treatment for certain anxiety disorders is called “exposure therapy” or “flooding”. Basically, a person is forcefully exposed to whatever it is that triggers their terror until they become desensitized to it (one cannot remain in a perpetual state of panic…the anxiety eventually subsides) and realize that their fear is no longer rational.

Next time you go to that video store, show them some leg and be sure to bat your eyes at all the mens. You’ll be providing them with some much-needed (and free) therapy!

I really love your blog.



Comment by Elián Maricón


Thank you so much for the happy thoughts! I am well known for showing lots of leg, so I already have that one covered 🙂

I hope you stay around!



Comment by thissouthernfaggot

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