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Chemical weapons
July 4, 2009, 4:50 am
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Why am I so terrified of pepper spray? Terrified that when I think about it, I want to vomit. I know the effects of it and I know what to do in the case of someone being sprayed, which should ease my stomach quite a bit, but it doesn’t.

I know that we have to have a pepper spray training workshop here soon and I am very excited about it, in theory, but the thought of actually doing it makes me want to vomit. Why is that? Maybe I just have a general nausea for self inflicted pain? I usually feel the same way when thinking about piercings, but this should be different. It’s one of those situations where I kind of wish that I didn’t have to plan for my first experience with it. Clearly my first experience shouldn’t be with a cop, but I kind of want a group of people to get everything together ahead of time and spray me, so that I can get that first time over with and I will be with friends.

It’s also one of those things I know I shouldn’t think about a whole lot, but that just makes me want to think about it more.

On a similar note, look how cute this is.


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