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what y’all up to?!
July 5, 2009, 2:27 am
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I feel like I only have negative things to say on this thing. But its really the only place I have to openly rant about how much I generally hate… things. I will think of happy things for the next one, promise!

I fucking hate it when people who are either not from the south, or who don’t identify as a southerner, use the term “y’all”. Part of me wants to not be upset, because I think “y’all” and “folks” are some of the best gender neutral people identifiers ever. But still, it’s ours!

Actually no I do have a positive thing! I have this meeting coming up soon which I was really upset about for a lot of reasons, but I talked to… well quite a people who read this and I am now excited for it. Thanks y’all!

The 4th of July in this part of the world is so terrible. So many fireworks and so many flags, but not very many people combine the two. What could be more patriotic then having a flag burning that was started by roman candles? I guess you could make it more american by drinking lots of budwiser beer, right?

Also, I recently changed my name from something that was incredibly masculine, to something incredibly feminine. Once I get past that point of everyone thinking its just a joke, its going to be great.


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