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KATY? What DID you do?

I had a sex dream last night, which is really weird for me. Normally I don’t dream at all, but when I do and its sexual, its usually just cuddling. But this was a dick-in-my-ass-and-i-enjoyed-it dream. I guess the part where I really enjoyed it was the most strange part.


I hate that it seems that every movie dealing with a gay boys in the south or small towns, always has them be raped by their older, more masculine friend. Clearly this happens, yes. But if I was to judge from movies, I would assume that this happens to literally everyone.

I watched a movie last night, clearly, that had this in it. The kid in it has a best friend, who happened to be a chicken, which I am relate to… probably too much. At some point a bunch of kids were harassing the chicken and trying to kill it and I just had to leave the room. I remember in boy scouts I would befriend animals that we would find camping… all the time and people would always either threaten to kill them, or just kill them. For some reason, one time that stands out in my mind a lot is when I had this katydid that I carried around with me for a while, until someone killed it.

Thinking back on those times, I am kind of pissed that I was such a nice, non-violent child. For my entire life, I have always gotten out of violent situations with my sass, or jokes, or whatever. I think thats totally valid tool, but I am just upset that I ALWAYS held back from beating the shit out of people when they fucked up shit to me.

Food not bombs was amazing yesterday. I have never seen so much food in my house, at one time, before. Or, for that matter, I have never seen so many people in my house at one time, either. It also rained a whole lot yesterday, making today very cool. What a good sunday/monday!


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