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Someone please cut my hair.

How do you have meaningful conversations with people, when the things that make so much sense to you and feel like second nature (ideas on assimilation, capitalism, classism, white supremacy, homelessness, turning tricks, gender, government, power, etc./whatever), don’t mean the same thing to them? If you wanted to try to talk about your ideas on these things and how they all interconnect, where the fuck would you even start?

I have been thinking about this lately and I just can’t make any progress on finding an answer for myself. I want to just make copies of articles I like a whole lot and hope that they see the connections, but what if they don’t? I would have no idea where to go from there, unless they had specific questions.

How do you deal with that? Any ideas? Am I alone on this? Is it somehow simple for other people?

This is coming up because, without being too specific, this group of people have come together and we are trying to work on cohesive actions and events, but I keep running into walls when my thoughts on various things don’t align with others. And in a way that is not productive at all. It is so frustrating and I don’t know how to deal with it.

Also, someone got to my blog by searching for “kill all the faggots”, which for some reason tickles me.


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