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July 15, 2009, 8:00 pm
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I miss last year, where my and my roomate would get absolutely FABULOUS and DREADFUL and go out to the clubs. We used to go to the bear bar, which was a lot of fun. It was just like Cheers, except more blow jobs and penis exposure. But apparently I got too sassy with the owner and I am not allowed there anymore. I feel pretty good about it though, because I was sure to make a scene.

After that we would go to the only faggot clubs in this town, which are absolultly terrible. That was kind of like Cheers too, except everyone knew your name (or mine, specifically) for a bad reason. Thats fine, though. But I can’t go to any of those anymore, either, so my roomate and I now have no where to go when we feel like getting FABULOUS. He always wants to go to straight bars, but thats not really fun for me.

I am in the process of reading “Pulling Taffy” again and it is making me miss that so much. Maybe those awful places felt like some sort of community. Somewhere I didn’t fit in, but I was supposed to, so people pretended that I did, which was always fun to watch.

Maybe I should open my own club. That’s the last thing this town needs, but this one would trashy and dreadful (word of the day, apparently). It would be all ages and their would be no door charge and drinks would be cheap cheap cheap! We would construct GRAND chandeliers out of used condoms and would have menstrual blood paintings everywhere. Their would be lots of dark corners and multiple back rooms where only god-knows-what would happen. One of the back rooms would have NOTHING in it but 4 or 5 tire swings hanging and people could swing and swing all night. Actually, maybe one of the rooms could be an indoor playground, with swings and shit to climb on everywhere. People would say that will attract kids and I would say, “GOOD!” God forbid people under 25 go out and try to have fun that doesn’t involve meth.

I need suggestions for names. Something glamourous.


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The Gilded Cock Ring

p.s. I will make your paintings for you.

Comment by Nina (Nina on Everything)

Thank you! No one here will ever a) paint me a picture using menstrual blood b) give me theirs.

Let’s think of something not so phallic! How about… ugh I am so bad at names, I can’t think of anything fun!

Comment by thissouthernfaggot

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