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Mommy dearest
July 30, 2009, 2:02 am
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I saw my mom at the hospital today. I was terrified of what I was going to find, but she looks amazing. Seeing her was so wonderful, I haven’t had a conversation with her in years. She is so alert and actually remembers things. We hugged more during my visit than we did in the past 12 years. She was very worried and confused about all the glitter I was wearing.

I think she is getting out this Friday. I hope things stay this way. I hope she can avoid the wine and I hope that my dad holds up his part of the deal and keeps it away from her.

Also, side note. Apparently during arts and crafts she decorated this koozy, which just tickles me. Maybe its a southern thing, but the only beverage I could ever imagine putting in a koozy is beer. Not her drink of choice, but alchol all the same. Oh my.

Apparently she made a few good friends already. One person apparently was in a hospital somewhere else and 2 guards raped him and he contracted HIV. He is very sweet, from what I can tell and I wanted to cry and hug him. One person only talks in limericks, which I find very impressive.


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I spent three weeks involuntarily committed to a mental hospital in Washington State. I am a mother with two almost-grown boys. If her experience was anything like mine, it’s difficult to actually focus on visitors because our fantasy world pulls strongly on us. I wish you well.

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