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Simple Green
July 31, 2009, 7:01 am
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Tonight I was walking around down by the river and found a friend to share some whiskey with. We ended up loosing the cap, so I had to walk around the rest of the night with an open bottle of whiskey. Bad news. Especially for my now whiskey soaked bag.

Eventually he jerked off while petting my feet and got come all over my left foot. Something about him was really fun and sweet, but I can’t place it.

Come on your feet is better than come on your hands, I feel. After the fact he asked me for $.50, which I didn’t have, but would have gladly given to him, if only for the fact that he asked me for it, after I played with his dick.

After that I went over to best-sex-of-my-life/straight-boy’s house and sat around and listened to him play guitar. We didn’t have sex. He is awkward about sex (until it actually happens, then 0mg), but I would love for him to fuck the shit out of me again.

I am itchy, I hope I didn’t get crabs… from the foot/hand on genital contact (I think its actually just fleas from the dude’s house)!


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