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Lay all your love on me
August 31, 2009, 7:02 am
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I head off to the park, for my nightly ‘looking for people cruising the park’ walk. I don’t really walk around the park to cruize anyone, I just like seeing other people cruising. It is a really pleasant night. The clouds are super low and are reflecting all sorts of light pollution. This shouldn’t be beautiful, but it is.

Maybe I do live in a big city, after all. Big enough to have light pollution at least.

But their are stars behind those clouds, so maybe not.

As I walk around the pond, to my surprise, I actually do find someone there as well. I join them on the bench and we attempt small talk, but they appear to be more interested in the cock that has appeared from their jeans. I lean over to suck the dick that has been so effortlessly presented to me. He seems to be into it. I’m not really, but public sex is almost as much fun as public urination… and I’ll take what I can get.

As he’s choking me with his cock, i look up at him, then through him, and notice that I can see my old elementary school in the distance. Next to it, the playground where I quickly learned that the only way I had to protect myself in this world was to be a smart ass fuck. This is the playground where I learned so much about myself, more about others, and even more about how terrible and awful the world is, that I would one day be living in. This is the playgroud where I learned that others saw something in me that I didn’t. Other kids (and teachers) saw me as a sissy cock sucking faggot and made sure they made sure that I knew. Turns out I should have listened to them. My one regret that I have from my life, is that I didn’t listen to folks when they insisted that I was a fag, or sissy, or that I ‘wanted to be a girl’. Kids don’t listen to stuff like that, but I wish I had had someone there who would have let me know it was okay to listen to them, to decide somthing like that at so young of an age.

I wonder what this guys name is. He looks like a Paul, or a Ralph. Some name that starts with a P or a R. I don’t know why I think that, maybe I should just ask him. A long time ago I wanted to start a project where I would doccument every hook-up I ever had, but then I decided that people would not be all about that. People don’t find hook-ups as funny as I do, it turns out.

As my head is bobing up and down, I wonder to myself if as a kid in elementary school, I ever imagined I would be looking down upon the school with some strangers cock in my mouth. Probably not. What would have I thought about this? Would have I been as amused then as I am now? What would I think of myself now, as a kid?

I think about this and giggle. Good thing that at this very same moment the dude comes without telling me.

I wish they wouldn’t do that.


Oh dear oh my.

My ~*first*~ trick is about to take me out to my favorite sushi restaurant (and the cheapest in town. What a good date am I?!) and then to his house. How exciting. I cleaned my roomates room and the house today and found a bag of chocolate. I ate all of it. Let’s hope that doesn’t cause this night to end poorly!

But, cleaning was really fun. I am super excited about the undie cleaning service that will hopefully be getting going soon.


Oh, so here is how this ended. The dude blew me off to fuck some “18 year old boy who is free”, but then that boy blew him off, so then he came back to me. Right. That’s going to happen. Sheesh. I even showered for this dude and changed clothes! I was looking forward to it, too.

I might just go cruising in the park. That laterally never leads to anything, but at least I could visit the baby ducks.

A text from my roomate
August 28, 2009, 6:31 pm
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“There is something hot about watching a daddy say grace over his taco bell meal”.

Yes. I would have to agree.

LostMissing Kitty
August 26, 2009, 8:38 pm
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(In case you can’t read what was written on this lost kitty sign. “I lost my cat a year ago, I’m so sorry, I really am”)

Something feels so personal and human about this sign, which was completely unexpected. I just want to hold Cheryl, their cat and whoever wrote on the sign.

A while ago I got a letter from Gender Mutiny Collective and sat on it for much longer than I should have. But I eventually wrote to L and I got a response back really quickly. I just sat there, reading the letter over and over ago. L sounds really nice and just sent me a quick letter letting me know that was the right address for them. Something struck me very strange, as I was holding the letter in my hand. Letters move so (relatively) easy through the walls of the prisons. Why do I find this so weird?

I can’t stop thinking about how we can’t put people in letters. People can pour themselves into these pieces of paper, but can’t hop in themselves. Why is this so weird to me?

I am so excited to learn more about L.

August 25, 2009, 12:39 am
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I just paid $10 to post an adult services ad in Craigslist. I don’t want to talk about it.

I am currently chatting with a boy that I miss dearly, on (lol). I haven’t seen him in forever. He has a boyfriend now, of course. I hope I get to see him soon.

I made life!!
August 24, 2009, 11:53 pm
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cucumber_babyY’all, I fucking grew a fucking cucumber baby! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Their are even more! (Yes, I am going to take credit for this, even though all I did was water it)

Did you shit on my dick?

My fucking awesome craigslist post that I made was deleted. I actually have no idea. Maybe because I started it with “this isn’t the right place for this, but M4M gets the most reads”. I need to try again, clearly.

Last night was so amazing and bizarre. I sat with a bunch of 30 something Queer kids and we talked. And talked and talked and talked. About this town, how it works and Queer shit comes into play in all of that. I am really excited to see more of these folks. After that I went to a house show that was dieing and then quickly folks moved to this high school party.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love high school parties. Something is really heart warming about them. But this one girl went on for AGES about how pissed she was that she left a 30 pack in the fridge, unguarded, and they DISAPPEARED! Can you believe that?

After that, this drunk faggot drove me home and we were driving through a “bad” part of town and he started talking about how excited he was that in his lifetime he would see this part of town be “beautified”. I almost threw up. We had a short little conversation about what “beautification” actually means, but I quickly gave up and he quickly got distracted by something else. Driving or something.

The weather here is really, really fabulous right now. My very first trick ever, you know, the doctor who chewed tobacco and collected literally everything in the entire world, has been contacting me recently. I might go out with him again. Last time we saw each other, he pulls out to go… do something and I notice shit on his dick so I of course wype it off onto my hand, but he came back before I could do anything with it. I ended up having to spend 30 minutes with shit in my hand, while having this dude fuck me. What a mess.