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LostMissing Kitty
August 26, 2009, 8:38 pm
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(In case you can’t read what was written on this lost kitty sign. “I lost my cat a year ago, I’m so sorry, I really am”)

Something feels so personal and human about this sign, which was completely unexpected. I just want to hold Cheryl, their cat and whoever wrote on the sign.

A while ago I got a letter from Gender Mutiny Collective and sat on it for much longer than I should have. But I eventually wrote to L and I got a response back really quickly. I just sat there, reading the letter over and over ago. L sounds really nice and just sent me a quick letter letting me know that was the right address for them. Something struck me very strange, as I was holding the letter in my hand. Letters move so (relatively) easy through the walls of the prisons. Why do I find this so weird?

I can’t stop thinking about how we can’t put people in letters. People can pour themselves into these pieces of paper, but can’t hop in themselves. Why is this so weird to me?

I am so excited to learn more about L.


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