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September 9, 2009, 4:32 am
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This weekend was spent with a group of my old friends. The entire weekend I had to correct people on my name and they never seemed to understand why it was important to me. Every single time they would fuck up, they would say ‘sorry’, I have never been able to stand.

To me, sorry sound like you are asking for forgiveness, as if you deserve such a thing. People say sorry for everything, from things they do on accident, to things they do on purpose, to things they have on control over. I feel like this idea of being able to say ‘sorry’ and fix all the fucked up shit you said, did, thought, whatever, is an awful idea.

Sorry can’t fix a name or pronoun fuckup. Clearly this isn’t something that you should be fucking up, but if you do, the proper response would be “Oh shit, I fucked up so bad, here is $10”. Maybe others have more faith in this idea of sorry, I have none.

“PussyPoopHole” is a really fabulous phrase. I recently found the blog “Black Sissy Faggot” which is terribly interesting.

Is it just me, or does it seem that every gay ~*found love*~ at the same time? If I have to hear one more faggot talk about their ~*lover*~ I am going to die.


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Meilee says, “Don’t say sorry, just fix it.”

Comment by Brian

this reminds me of when we spent time together a while ago…. and i squirted someone.

Comment by leila

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