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Can you say condom?

Today I went to the health department, to pick up some boxes of condoms for Food not Bombs. Apparently the people didn’t leave them at the desk with the big, burly security guard, so I got to listen to the guard use my clearly feminine name with male pronouns, which was shitty, but it clearly made him really uncomfortable, so that helped a little. Eventually he had to stop beating around the bush and he said the word “condom” once, which apparently made him more uncomfortable, since every time after that he just said ‘the package’ or ‘you know what’. I can’t imagine working at a Department of Health and not being able to say “condom”.

Today I spent a few hours cleaning out the house I am hopefully moving into soon and it was really nice. My two next door neighbors saw me cleaning and one of them talked to me for a while. They were on guard at first, but once they realized that I was not a “crack head” (their words), the conversation got a lot friendlier. I think one person is interested in living there with me, but I need one more.

Oh yea, and I seasoned a cast iron skillet. What a good day!


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condoms for FnB, that is so awesome!!!

Comment by leila

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