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To Market, To Market

From Ruthann Robson’s Piece, “To Market, To Market”, from “Queerly Classed” (thanks for the recommendation, Mattilda!).

“Relying on statistics derived from “marketing surveys” designed to convince advertisers that lesbians and gay men could be a profitable market, the New Rights utilizes rhetoric with shocking similarities to pre-World War II anti-Semitism to portray us as economically privileged. The portrayal of lesbians and gay men as economically privileged serves New Right rhetoric in at least two ways. First, the depiction taps into already existing class resentments and anxieties. Second, the myth of economic advantage counters any claim that lesbians and gay men are discriminated against. Yet, our own rhetoric has often not effectively countered these falsehoods; instead, we have employed class biased stereotypes to deride adherents to the New Rights, ranging from the polite implications concerning a lack of education to more explicit insults like “trailer trash” and “shitkicker.”

I have, personally never heard anyone called a “shitkicker” and don’t even really understand why that would be an insult. I guess farmers who walk through fields where animals are raised? I would have used “redneck” as an example, which I think I hear a lot more often than either of these two.

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