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Meaningless, has this all been meaningless?
September 30, 2009, 11:15 pm
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It is really frustrating that everyone is claiming this as ‘anti-gay’, instead of ‘anti-military’. I mean, it’s not suprising, but I don’t understand how someone could see that and automatically decide that the destruction of the billboard had EVERYTHING to do with faggots and NOTHING to do with americas killing machine.

Today, I went to this small local hardware store, in search for replacement ceramic heaters for the super old heaters in the new house (which from now on will be the ‘headge house’). Here I am, standing in the back room of this hardware store andĀ  in front of me is AN ENTIRE WALL of different ceramic heaters. Not just 10 or 20 different ones, but AN ENTIRE WALL of hundreds of slightly different ceramic pieces. Some of them were really beautiful, but it seemed that out of hundreds of these things, none of them fit the heaters I have. In the end, I realized that each of them would cost $22 each and I needed 15 of them and it would be cheaper to just buy new heaters. But, this isn’t the point. I don’t really know what the point is, aside from the fact that they had hundreds of these things, with no sort of organization or way of finding which one you needed. It was really beautiful.


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But darling, he protected me — he protected us!!!

Oh, the military…

And the gays…

A lethal combination, if there ever was one.

Love —

Comment by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

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