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Vagina or Ass?
October 14, 2009, 3:40 am
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Queer_ClickSo I coulden’t help but to notice this ad the other day. It has been sitting on my desktop ever since and I could not understand less what I am supposed to get from this. However, from what I can tell, QC is run completely by men and only features gay porn. My first thoughts were that this is supposed to be a vagina… but I guess it could be an asshole as well. Although I have a sneeking suspicion it isn’t. Is this just your typical awful ‘vaginas are icky’ faggotry, or should I get something more?

Soy_milkI really, really wish hot things didn’t do this to soy milk.

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places should really start carrying almond milk. annnnddd, i think its that acid in coffee that does that, cause it doesnt do it to chai.

Comment by leila

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