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Don’t Hurt Me
December 15, 2009, 8:01 am
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My sleep schedule has gotten really fucked up, lately. I guess it’s a good thing because I am getting a lot of reading done, but sleeping past 9 in the morning always makes me feel like I am wasting my day. I need to figure out how to train my body to not think that sleeping when it is light outside is necessarily wasteful.

The ducks at the park have become an obsession for me, but I think I am okay with that. I find myself thinking about them a lot and constantly wanting to go visit them. To be clear, this isn’t one of those relationships, like on movies, where I go so often that they start to see me as one of their own, or anything. They still run away if I get too close and they still honk if you try to pet them. But their is this one specific duck that always seems to be especially nice, or energetic, or something. It is always in this very specific place when I walk by and generally when I walk by, it will waddle away in the most adorable, I-need-to-get-somewhere-quickly-because-I-have-shit-to-do way possible. Part of me thinks that I can see excitement on its face, but I might be making that up.

I want to spend a day at the park and just follow this one specific duck around and see what it does all day. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

I might be getting my roomate a fleshlight for their birthday/christmas present. I want to think of some sort of fabulous way to package it.

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