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New scabs, old wounds
December 22, 2009, 1:35 am
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For most of my life, I have been involved in liberal activism. I was never interested in lobbying, or interacting with talking heads or any of that, I always liked interacting with real people. With that being said, clearly it was all bullshit. I don’t regret having spent so much of my life and time on things that I now see as completely useless, but I’m not proud of those years of my life, either. I am still kind of involved with this liberal fag group, who used to be interesting but now are awful, but it’s complicated.


I tell you my history, because I have been thinking a lot about this white, liberal idea that we have to ‘meet people where they are’ and how much I really, really hate this. In my experience, ‘meeting people where they are’ gives ‘activists’ the power to look at someone and judge where they might ‘be’ and then talking to them, after already having made that call for themselves. This leads to white, middle class ‘activists’ talking to people of color, “rednecks”, poor folks and folks with differing abilities, like they are complete, utter morons. You know, because clearly someone in rural Arkansas could never understand anything as complicated as your desire to fuck some dude. BUT, because you are told to ‘meet people where they are’, this is okay. It is completely okay that you are talking to this person like they are a moron, because you assume thats where they ‘are’.

If people aren’t ‘where you are’, that does not automatically mean they are wrong. Especially since most people (in my experience) who preach this, are people with power and privilege. Of course many, many people are going to find it difficult to ‘be where you are’. But that’s okay, because where you are isn’t necessarily the best place for everyone (or, anyone) to be.

Instead of just saying you ‘meet people where they are’, maybe you need to instead actually be looking at where they are, in relation to you and figure out why y’all aren’t in the same place.

In other news, I have this really fabulous scab on my knee. For my entire life I have been completely fascinated by scabs and ALWAYS pick at them (and eat them. Clearly), but I am leaving this one on my knee alone and it is really amazing feeling. I am very excited for the day it comes off (and I can eat the hell out of it).


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Often when I hear folks advocating to “meet people where they are” it’s asking that I/we excuse their power and privilege (and corresponding role in oppressing people). It can be an excuse to go slowly, talk nicely, and not ruffle any feathers while asking, “Please sir, will you give me my rights?”

Dear Middle-Aged, Upper-Middle-Class, White, Male, Pastor: You’ve had plenty of time to move from where you are, it’s not anyone’s job to meet you there.

Comment by Brian

“Instead of just saying you ‘meet people where they are’, maybe you need to instead actually be looking at where they are, in relation to you and figure out why y’all aren’t in the same place.”

yay you! i like it.

Comment by leila

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