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Something different, but what?
January 5, 2010, 7:30 am
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How is it that I am able to so easily navigate spaces where almost none of my needs are met? Unquestioned misogyny is dripping from the walls and consent isn’t anything that anyone would even think of talking about, much less attempt to put into action. I want this to be my space. Part of me wants this space to be accessible for myself, part of me wants to leave it behind. I refuse to believe that it isn’t fixable, but who am I to say that it needs to be fixed?

I wonder how many other people at these shows feel so constantly fucked over, uncomfortable and alienated. If anyone, they aren’t making it known. But, then again, maybe I’m not making it terribly obvious. Where would you even start?

Every single person from this house has had the same conversation with me, on different occasions. They all want to be doing something. No one knows what, but they have all said that they want it to be doing something with the house, not just have shows there. They all think that I can somehow make something happen. I guess maybe the first step, even though it seems really empty and hopeless, is having the idea that you want something different. But, then what?

And do I have the energy to have the beginnings of these conversations with them?


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hey, I just found you from Mattilda’s blog– I like what you have to say about moving through spaces saturated with assumptions that turn our stomachs, and yet we move through them, ‘having a good time’…What sort of space are you referencing in particular here, a punk show or something different?

Comment by Oli

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