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Clouds in my coffee
February 23, 2010, 8:03 am
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I am so excited about nights being nice again that it is almost over whealming.

I can’t wait for nights where it is so nice that the only thing I want to do is walk around. I don’t want to see anyone or do anything in particular, I just want to see things and be reminded that something else exists, even if its just big banks and cooperate buildings, at least it is something. You know?

The pink clouds from light pollution moving as a backdrop for our handful of skyscrapers, over the river, I could watch it all night.

Being downtown at night gives me so much energy, in a way that nothing else does. I have never been anywhere in my entire life that makes me feel so alive. I will walk around for hours and not even realize that my legs are throbbing from walking so much, until I get home. What an amazing feeling.

Last night was a beautiful night.

I can’t wait for spring and summer.


condoms and faggots

The other day I heard some dude identified faggot tell his friends that his classroom was recently split up, boys and girls, but he laughingly said that he didn’t know which side of the room he should go to! Isn’t that funny?

But I get it, or least I think I do. I understand faggots hearing their entire life about how feminine they are. Turning that around and being a nelly faggot who becomes ‘one of the girls’, I get it. But I am worried that faggots of today are taking this completely out of context and male chauvinist asshole faggots now think they can’t be called out, because, hey, there just ‘one of the girls’. Right?

Could this also be where some (a lot?) of this false idea of some sort of gay mainstream trans-friendly “community” comes from?

I am wondering if the feminization of faggots, has gone too far.

Have the origins of this campy queen culture been lost in the sea of str8 actin gay dudes and mainstream assimilation?

It’s late and I am going to go to bed, but I feel like I will talk about this more, soon.

The other day I took a few (12, maybe) condoms over to this punk house and everyone was so amazed at where ‘all those’ condoms came from. Between yesterday and today I have had a bunch of people come up to me and have a conversation with me, the entire tone of the conversation being general amazement.

But, it was only like, 12 condoms. Is that really a lot? I mean, I recognize that I generally have more condoms around the house than most people I know, but it is kind of terrifying to think that 12 condoms is really ~*a big deal*~.

Can this pickle
February 16, 2010, 11:25 pm
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It is always amazing to me how some people are all about cumming in their mouth, but swallowing it is completely disgusting and something they would never dream of doing. If it’s in your mouth, you might as well swallow it, is my motto, I guess.

I have been spending a whole lot of time on that cam site so far, while at the same time, doing very few private shows (that actually make money). It will get better as I get regulars and stop being the new person, but right now, it’s mostly me talking to my self.

Hopefully I will be moving down the street soon, to where all the punk kids live, where I have been spending a lot of time lately.

I am tired all the time, I need to stop staying up so late

A request from a client
February 5, 2010, 11:57 pm
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What I would like is for you to come over to my house dressed in one of your pretty dresses. Have a drink and then as we make out, I discover your equipment. You assure me it will be okn I finally agree and we see how we want to get off. You will have made a believer out of me when we are done.

´╗┐OMG if this goes through I will be so happy.

An update!

I applied to be a… model? I will have to find a better word, but I applied to work for a company who does paid cam shows on a whim and they accepted my application. I mean, I am sure they accept most, but it was exciting anyway. I think my first show is going to be today, hopefully someone will make my day wonderful.

We cleaned our first house with the undie cleaning service. We ended up staying there 5 fucking hours and only charged $200. We will never do mini blinds again. The first few hours were fun, but it got old real quick. Hopefully he calls back for more, but I am not sure he will :/

I have a few tricks scheduled for this weekend, which I am tickled about. I havn’t turned a trick for WEEKS and I am aching to go out to dinner with some dudes and make some money.

Things this summer might be looking more exciting, hopefully plans go through.