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condoms and faggots

The other day I heard some dude identified faggot tell his friends that his classroom was recently split up, boys and girls, but he laughingly said that he didn’t know which side of the room he should go to! Isn’t that funny?

But I get it, or least I think I do. I understand faggots hearing their entire life about how feminine they are. Turning that around and being a nelly faggot who becomes ‘one of the girls’, I get it. But I am worried that faggots of today are taking this completely out of context and male chauvinist asshole faggots now think they can’t be called out, because, hey, there just ‘one of the girls’. Right?

Could this also be where some (a lot?) of this false idea of some sort of gay mainstream trans-friendly “community” comes from?

I am wondering if the feminization of faggots, has gone too far.

Have the origins of this campy queen culture been lost in the sea of str8 actin gay dudes and mainstream assimilation?

It’s late and I am going to go to bed, but I feel like I will talk about this more, soon.

The other day I took a few (12, maybe) condoms over to this punk house and everyone was so amazed at where ‘all those’ condoms came from. Between yesterday and today I have had a bunch of people come up to me and have a conversation with me, the entire tone of the conversation being general amazement.

But, it was only like, 12 condoms. Is that really a lot? I mean, I recognize that I generally have more condoms around the house than most people I know, but it is kind of terrifying to think that 12 condoms is really ~*a big deal*~.


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I have at least 12 condoms. Their reaction seems pretty weird to me too.

Comment by Kristin

Maybe they were just amazed that you didn’t use all those condoms while you’re over their house 🙂

And, unfortunately, there will always be male chauvinist asshole faggots who think they don’t deserve to get called out about anything — personally, I think the problem is that they are male chauvinist asshole faggots, not that they (occasionally) embrace femininity.

Love —

Love —

Comment by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

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