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oh god oh god oh god

Today, my roommate downloaded a rape simulation game. He sounded like a kid in a candy store when he told me that once you get really good, you can “rape five women at once!”

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone at some punk house about white people with dreadlocks. She insisted I was being racist towards whites.

The day before that, at the same house, someone got really upset when I got upset that they said that “black people aren’t oppressed anymore”.

Someone save me, please.


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Wow. You can rape 5 women at once? Racist towards whites? That is just…spectacular in it’s terribleness

Comment by Cyd

What is there to say to this post, really? But I love you! And look… TSF is even read in Guatemala!

Comment by Nick

Omgaaaad. So, so busted. I’m a big believer that sometimes punching someone in the face is an act of sex love. ❤

Comment by Naphtali

Oh, no — good thing you’re traveling now…

Love —

Comment by mattilda bernstein sycamore

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