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Traveling webcams
August 6, 2010, 1:16 am
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I will be traveling to Georgia soon, which is exciting. I do not know how I am going to get there, but hopefully a nice trucker will give me a ride. Or maybe a mini fan filled with all sorts of kids and animals that I can play with.

It turns out that made $30 on the webcam website, maybe I will go back and start doing paid shows again. I think I put too much energy into it, which I think is a common problem for new folks. I guess that explains why all the regular folks don’t try to be sexy or dance for people or be seductive, they just lay there. Good new plan.

I am moving to a new house! This is exciting news because I LOVE our new place so much. Our downstairs neighbors have already come up and said that we were being too loud (it was 3 pm and we had moved one couch). They pulled out a tape recorder and said they record all the noises they hear. I can’t wait till they hear all of our normal day to day noises.

Also, our other neighbor in the house next to ours is very odd. He came outside and I thought he was naked, so I was not going to talk to him. Then I noticed he had on underwear, so I was going to talk to him. Then I noticed it was a rebel flag bikini bottom that MAYBE came up to his asshole. So then, I decided not to talk to that neighbor. At least not yet. Even though I am planning on putting a garden in front of his yard. I hope he does not mind :/

My new garden! I am so excited about it. =


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