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August 25, 2010, 4:28 pm
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So I moved, but just to a new house in the same town. I really love the new house, except for that our new neighbors are completely, batshit insane. You know that thing that you thought people only did in movies, where they hit the ceiling with a broom? In the “hay, you are being too loud” way? Well it turns out people actually do that. We were just walking around the house (without shoes on). Ugh.

Right now we don’t have internet at our house, so I am sitting at this little coffee shop I found by my house. It feels like it is part of a huge chain, but apparently they only have 5 stores and they are all in this state. I like it though, because they have a woman bake all the cakes who lives in the neighborhood. She is really sweet, I saw her yesterday.

I just got back from Athens Popfest and that was really good for me. This was my 4th time to go and was my least favorite, but I got to see a lot of folks I have been missing for years. After that I went to Asheville for a day to visit a friend, which was amazing. Asheville is a very strange place, with many, many Queers and Transfolk, which was both nice and incredibly overwhelming.

Another one of my friends told me today that they were going to be moving to Chicago, in a couple of days. Ugh.

Also, I became a Chacha guide and it is kind of fun, but mostly really frustrating.


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