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the internet
September 20, 2010, 4:40 am
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It is always really interesting to hear people talk about the internet.

Talk about how it has changed our lives, but for the better?

Do we spend too much time on the internet, what is the internet doing to ~*the children*~, facebook, facebook, facebook.

Do you know the conversation I am talking about?

I find these conversations interesting, because it always makes me wonder if I would even be alive today if I had not been able to chat with people on the internet.

Would not having the internet forced me to go out and find other Queers, as a kid? Not likely, at all.

Their used to be this website that I was obsessed with, which no longer exists (mogenic), but I remember the feeling of staying up super late, chatting with people on it. I would never meet with anyone, but sometimes we would chat on the phone and I remember that being the best feeling in the world. I knew that we were not going to meet, but that didn’t matter at the time. Having that resource, in this southern town (which felt small at the time, I would not call it that now) was amazing and probably life saving.


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