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College days
September 22, 2010, 4:49 am
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I am looking back through photos from the “Queer/Straight Alliance” my roommate and I started back in college. Looking back is very strange, because while my politics have completely changed since then, I am still proud of the shit that we did on that campus. Some of it was your generally coming out day type stuff, which is pretty boring. But other times we would do big art installs and stand on the corner of the busiest intersection in town and hold signs for “Queer Equality”. I know, I know, it sounds pretty hum drum.. and it completely was.

But, the town that we were doing this all in only had 3 zip codes, 10,500 people and a political climate that was, well, church based. It is when I think of this that I get really reminiscent of those days and all the really silly things we did.

I was not able to stay in that awful place, but some people I knew when I went to school, are still there. I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me if I had stayed, where I would be today, what my politics might look like. All of this is somewhat terrifying to think about today.


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