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Animal Farm
September 27, 2010, 9:57 pm
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So at our new house, we used to have these neighbors, who lived under us. They were very cranky, complained a whole lot about very small things we did (watering the plants outside their window, walking around our house, etc), but they are gone now, which is such good news!

But apparently next door to our house, lives this very cranky Vietnam vet. Now, let me tell you something about this man. He obsessed with nooses. Any thing that he can tie a noose in, he will. Some examples!

On his hiking stick, he has a “Tigger” doll, hanging with a noose around it’s neck and he has written “HA” on its stomach. Another good example would be his cats leash. Not to worry, I don’t think the end around the cat’s neck is a noose (but it could be, I have not gotten close enough to see), but the other end, the end you would hold, is tied in a noose. Here is a picture of said cat.

So, this man is obsessed with nooses and apparently, his cat. More on this.

The other day, I found this really sweet dog, which a pet for a while and then it followed me home. Here is a picture.

Things you should know about this dog (whos home I eventually found) is that she is very, very old, slow moving, sweet and while she was with me, refused to leave my side. I eventually made her go outside to walk home, but she just laid down in front of my door and as far as I know, did not move at all until I came back out a hour or two later.

So I have set up a few characters in the story, but a quick recap. We have a Vietnam vet who loves nooses and his cat, a really sweet old dog and then you have me. Clearly I have given you chosen information about everyone involved, made one side look intentionally bad and one side intentionally good, but this is how I see it.

The story goes like this.

I was outside, working in my garden and the dog was laying the shade of the car port. The Vietnam vet (VV) comes out and tells me that he saw the dog around his house, smelling the ground! He let me know that he was certain that the dog was smelling his cat and told me that if the dog came after his cat, he would kill it. I let him know that it was not my dog and would be gone soon, but I also let him know that I thought that was really rash and uncalled for, to kill this dog just because he thought it wanted to “get” his cat. So he apologized a couple of times for thinking it was my dog, but then when I told him that was not the part I cared about. The part I cared about was him telling me that the first action he would take against this dog “getting” at his cat, would be to kill it. I told him I thought that was really rash and told him that a better first action would be to talk to me. He told he that it was “his cat” and the law says he could protect his property (which, isn’t true, but that is not the point). We went back and fourth a while and he kept talking over me, so I told him I was not having anymore of that and went back inside, with the dog.

Later, I am outside again and he comes out and we just go through the exact same thing as before. He does not understand that it is uncalled for to tell someone you are going to kill their dog, just for trying to “get at” your cat. Between now and then, I have him tell 3 people (2 neighbors and the mail person) that if my dog “got at” his cat, he was going to kill it. I am sure he has told more people, but this is all I have heard. Why does he keep telling people this, I don’t know.

Anyway, I know what you might be thinking. If you are like me, you are thinking that he must just really love his cat, so you can understand that he would want to protect it.

Yesterday I was watching him mull about his dirt and gravel yard (a new favorite event of mine) and he was cleaning up some stuff, spraying it down and what not. His cat was outside and he needed to get the cat to move, so intentionally sprayed it (with the water hose, not a little spray bottle), to make it move, instead of picking it up. Then, later in the day, I saw him move his cat TWICE by picking it up by the leash attached to its collar (so, picking it up by its neck) is throwing it a couple of feet.

So now I don’t really know what to do. I have this neighbor who is telling everyone in the neighborhood, essentially, that he loves his cat enough to defend it do the death of another animal. But then I see him abusing the same cat, over and over again.

At this point, I don’t really know what to do. I don’t know if this is something I can talk to my landlords about, or if their is even anything they can do. I know that no state service or the Humane Society will be much help with.


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Pain in the ass neighbors can be the worst. I have some, I know.

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