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October 16, 2010, 4:10 am
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I found this beer in my attic. I put it in the fridge a long time ago and decided to drink it tonight. This has been my first beer in forever.

The bitterness, the wonderful awfulness. Everything about it brings back so many memories. All of them good, somehow.

Mostly I am remembering the times when I had this same taste in my mouth and making out with someone. But you know, really sloppy making out. The kind where your whole face ends up wet after and everything smells like dried beer spit, but at the time that is the most wonderful smell in the world and all you want to do is smell that smell for the rest of your life.

Oh wait, now I am just thinking about how I can not remember the last time I made out with someone who was not a trick. I guess it has been more than a year at this point, which is really weird to think about.

I need to find someone to make out with me.


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live off the little bits i say. take each kind thing another man does for/to you however small, if its done in some kind of dual attraction, however fleeting. I still have the deflated balloon that a fake french clown made me. I still have the feel of a boy who reached from the front seat of a taxi back to my hand. I still have a kiss on the cheek from years ago. I’m slowly recharging my little bits battery atm but its getting there.

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