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I mean, this is just insane
November 10, 2010, 6:19 pm
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My mother is in the hospital again. This time she fell and broke her arm.

After my dad took her to the hospital he found a bunch of bottles of wine under the bathroom sink. Apparently she is going through terrible withdrawals right now and is just talking about how the house is being torn down. She keeps trying to leave and they might have to strap her to the bed. Right now my dad is having to sleep outside of her room all night, to make sure she does not leave. He won’t stay in her room though, because she is too insane right now.

I hate her so much. I hate that she is doing this to my dad. I hate that my dad isn’t mad at her. I hate hearing him say that he does not care about the impact this is having on him, but only worries about the animals left at the house when they are not home. “No one is home to play with them!”. Actually I kind of love that.

My mother is one lucky motherfucker, anyone else in the world would have had her institutionalized long ago.

I fucking hate her so much. She probably knows that and that probably makes her drink more. I used to hate thinking about that because it made me feel really guilty, but I don’t feel guilty anymore.

I hate that when she dies, I will have to find nice things to say about her, other wise people would probably call me an “asshole” for only having negative things to say about my dead mother.

I don’t have anything nice to say. I used to think that she was nice because she let the cats drink out of the toilet, maybe that will be my one nice thing to say.


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My mother is in similar situation – I totally get where you’re coming from.

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