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November 25, 2010, 12:51 am
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The weather down here has been so fucking strange lately. A few weeks ago, it got below freezing. Today it was 76. I mean, it is amazing that we are having one more taste of spring before we are plunged into winter, but it would be really nice to coast gently into it. You know?

My poor plants, I am having to constantly cover and uncover them, because its too warm during the day for their cover to stay on :/ I am sorry plants!

Some pictures!

Look at those colors! All so close!

I pass by this tree stump almost every. And almost everyday it has something new on it.

This is my favorite part. Munch munch munch

Ducks really, really like getting fed. Once food comes out, they all know and start running (waddling, mostly) as fast as they can. You can see it in their eyes.


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