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Try and try again

I have spent enough time thinking about all the reasons I don’t really want to turn tricks anymore. If I keep thinking about why I shouldn’t, then I never will. And I need some money pretty fucking bad.

Getting back into the grove of things is surprisingly easy. Well, maybe that should not be surprising. I have been out of business so long, that I don’t think anyone recognizes me anymore, which I think is a good thing. I went back through old e-mails and re-emailed everyone, telling them I was looking for dates again. Only two people wrote me back.

One of the guys was an old regular of mine, but he ONLY wants to have a party of 3 and he wants me to bring the third. But honey, everyone is so uptight in this town, I don’t know anyone who would want to party for money. Actually, if I just didn’t tell them that their was money involved, I bet I could get them to do it, but that would be un ethical, or something.

The other guy is really funny and apparently LOVES to suck dick. Like, obsessed with it. Which seems pretty easy, but I am “eh” on getting my dick sucked. I mean, I am pretty over all that vanilla shit. I just want to be bitten, have my hair pulled and have them lick me all over. Even in the secret places that I love, but kind of hate at the same time. You know, those places. It is kind of ticklish, but in the good way?

Fuck, I need to turn a trick this week. Badly.


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