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Featuring: An Update!

I am going to be going to NYC in a few weeks to visit a good friend and I am super excited about it. Not so much about being in ‘the city’, because that part is mostly scary. But seeing her will be really nice. And I will be spending both my birthday and christmas there, which will be neat. I have never been up north for a winter before, so I most certianly will not be dressed appropriately. But I do know that I should not even take my sandals, so I guess I know a little.

I have been talking to these two bois on the internet and it has been kind of nice. One of them is a dumpster diving anarcho-queer, who I somehow have never met before. We talked on the phone and sounds ADORABLE. Awww.

The other one reads a lot and goes to a private christian university, both of which I find endearing. We met the other night, went to Waffle House later than I ever have before and watched Dream Boy (which was just as good the second time, BTW). Then we furiously made out and fooled around until 6 in the morning which was A BAD IDEA. He is one of those bottoms, where if you just touch their asshole, they squeal. I kind of like that a lot.

I don’t really have anything to do today, aside from read Jim Grimsley books. I think I am going to go to work and hide in the walls and read for a couple of hours. Reading at work always feels better than reading anywhere else, except maybe at the waffle house.


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It will probably be too cold and miserable to spend two hours walking around Manhattan, but if not — you should go on this audio tour!

Also, how are you feeling about sex and things after your smooch fest?

I’m going to go checkout Dream Boy from the library! Oh yay, I get a new card because I live in a new county now!

Comment by Nick

Yes, you should read dream boy and let me know what you think.

As far as sex, I am feeling pretty “eh”. I mean, it was nice, sure. But I think that I enjoyed just having something else warm in my bed, more than the sex itself. Actually, what I got off on most was that ‘wanting to please my boi’ mentality, which makes me wonder if I am actually a top. Hm…

I need to do that audio tour. I literally have nothing planned and I leave in like, 2 days or something.

Comment by thissouthernfaggot

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