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At least it’s warm in my bed

Today, our insane neighbor (you know the one) told my room mate that I am a thief (I stole 2 liters of coke from him, apparently) and a pedophile. Oh my neighbor, he needs a tv show. And then I could be on it sometimes and that would be wonderful.

So many things are happening around here right now, it is exciting. I mean, I know better than to get excited, so I guess I should say it could be exciting.

The syringe exchange will be open for its second day tomorrow. Hopefully we will actually have some folks come in. We have been doing a lot more outreach, so I think it should be better. The other person that I am working on this project with kind of jumped the gun and apparently started conversations with both the health department and the local police… people. I am really worried about this, but she claims that everything will be okay.

That boy that I hooked up with a couple of nights ago will be moving away soon and I am actually kind of sad about that. But, I don’t really know why. He seemed to be way into me, in that kind of awkward way, which I think I enjoyed a lot.

Oh yea, that guy I met on okcupid, the Queer-Anarcho-Dumpster Diver kid the other night and it was really nice. He has a really, really disappointing nose, to the point that it is a distraction. Have we ever talked about how much of a nose queen I am? Noses are almost always what I use to judge peoples attractiveness. I like to kiss them, but mostly looking at a huge, huge nose is just really nice. If its bigger than mine, I am in love. But other than that, he is really adorable and sweet. We know a lot of the same people and have the same thoughts on them, which is neat.

But, right now I am mostly having the problem that he just does not register as Queer with me, which is kind of distracting. It’s hard to imagine myself associating with people who are not flaming Queers. Hm.


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“He would be handsome if it were not for his nose. Maybe he is handsome anyway”

Comment by Nick

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