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Oh Rly?
December 12, 2010, 8:21 am
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Apparently I was mentioned in “The Best of LGBT Blogs” post by Here is the description.

“A provocative title, a well-written blog. He ventures into his past for memories about sneaking “gay” books out of the library, or what it means to be “out of it.” His honest accounts of feeling isolated even within the gay community can echo with any reader who has ever felt on the outside of something they thought they had an insider’s pass to.”
I mean, I appreciate the thought, I guess. But really? So many hes? If people read this and only remember the one post that I talk about the library, I would be real sad.

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Seriously? Do they know how to read?

Well, congrats!

Comment by Brian Gerald

Congrats, fellow votee! 🙂

Comment by Wilmaryad

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