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Traveling! Oh no.

I am on my way to NYC to visit a good friend of mine. I decided to take the Greyhound, because it was $50 cheaper than taking a train, but after this I don’t think I will ever take the Greyhound again. I mean, I have only taken the Greyhound twice, but both times it has been pretty awful. I am glad that that one dude finally stopped talking about Adam & Eve vs. Adam & Steve. I didn’t really even know that people were still using that, maybe he didn’t get the memo. A few stops into our ride I started talking with this nice girl. It turns out she is Queer (well, she is one of those people who use gay as an umbrella term) and it has been a while since I have had that secret-society-queer feeling, it was kind of nice. She told me how brave I was for being who I am, or whatever, but it would have meant a lot more if she said something when everyone around her on the bus was calling me a faggot.

We have been in Knoxville, TN since 1 this morning, which is when our bus was supposed to leave. It is now 9 hours later and we are still iced in. I was able to sleep quite a bit, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to stay in this little room. Part of me is having a lot of fun watching all of these wildly different personalities interact.

The jeasus lady finally stopped talking loudly about all the wonderful things jesus has done for her. Everyone seemed to hate her a lot, which I find comfort in.

I did find out that I really like the town of Jackson, TN. The greyhound station was adorable and clearly had not been changed since 1938. I could defiantly see myself living in that town, they had some sort of arts center across the street from the bus station. It looked real big, I wonder if I could work there.

The cute boy with the comically huge glasses, but in the I-am-a-huge-nerd-not-a-hipster way, just sat next to me. Aw.

Did I already mention how hungry I am? I should have brought more food. I wish a taco truck would drive by.

Update: I found a vegan pizza place. I accidentally bought a $30 pizza. The greyhound station gave everyone two dollars to buy food AND AT THE SAME TIME Roseanne came on the tv. Maybe my life is picking up after all.

I put a post up on craigslist. I am also responding to a few. Someone can’t host and I told them I could host at the Greyhound Station. I hope that goes through, how much fun would that be?!


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