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Has “so much” really happened?
December 28, 2010, 4:12 pm
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I just got back from NYC. It was a very interesting trip, to say the least.

My layover in Knoxville ended up being 44 hours, which was absolutely terrible and kind of ruined a big part of the trip for me. It was really interesting though, because on the ride to Knoxville, everyone around me was either using that great “adam & steve” line or talking openly about how awul fags are, which is whatever. But then at the very end of our stay in Knoxville, I was talking with this dude who was in the back of the bus. Very loudly, not saying anything to stop his friends from being assholes. Anyway, I started chatting with him and he ends up telling me that he his bisexual and runs this nude cleaning service back home where he lives. He talks about sucking dicks for money for a bit and eventually says that he is sorry that his friends were such assholes. He was clearly looking for me to say that it was okay that he didn’t say anything. I ended up letting him know that it was kind of fucked up that he very obviously didn’t say anything. Not even the bro “nah dude, thats cool I don’t give a shit what other people do” thing.

Overall NYC was a very strange trip. I was really glad to see my friends, but I just could not get into the city. It just got so frustrating that so many people refuse to open up in public, I guess afraid that if they open up they might get hurt. People would get on the train and sing or dance and people would just look away and pretend that was not happening. I mean, I guess you see that every day, whatever, but really, its probably okay to at least acknowledge that is something is happening around you.

I did think that it was really interesting that manhunt, adam4adam, craigslist, all of those sites, look exactly the same up there, as they do down here. Everyone is looking for masculine, str8 actin dudes, even in the city. I was expecting something different, but I guess I don’t really know what. I mean, I was able to find a few interesting people, which was nice.

Now that I am back home, I am really missing those couple of interesting people on those various websites. Even though I didn’t actually meet any of them, it was just nice to be reminded that they exist. Down here, I am constantly looking for that reassurance, but I never get it.

I was hoping to come home to fabulous weather down here, but it is just as cold here as it was in NYC. Normally I love winter, but this winter I was over it from the beginning.


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“Everyone is looking for masculine, str8 actin dudes, even in the city.”

Maybe even more so!

Oh, New York…

Love love love–

Comment by mattilda bernstein sycamore

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