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The Attic

My friend is moving into my room, so I decided to move into the attic. I am super excited about this, but my roommate says the novelty will surely wear off soon. I hope not! Our rent is going to be $180 per person now, which is pretty exciting. My roommate keeps saying “we are only going to be saving $100 a month!”, which seems like a whole lot of money to me.

Anyway, I am super excited about the attic. I built a fort and it is a dream come true. I still need more blankets, though.

Clearly I don’t really have tricks over that often anymore, but thinking about bringing a trick into my fort, in the attic, just makes me want to giggle. I hope this happens soon.

I want to keep track of a bunch of stuff for 2011, but I don’t think I will keep up with it. I want to keep track of waffle house visits, poops, tricks, sex and jerk offs. I think I have already lost track of poops and it is only the second of the day of the year. I smell a failed project coming up…

But keeping track of sex, tricks and jerk offs should be pretty easy.


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